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Oppose These Fascist Laws

The Newman LNP Government’s extreme new laws controlling the campaigning activities of organisations like the ETU have raised concerns about democracy in Queensland. The laws impose requirements on Unions that are not required of their corporate donors or employer organisations. These laws which can be found in the Transparency and Accountability and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2013 are simply designed to muzzle Unions from speaking out on behalf of the community.

Unions campaign in the public arena on many important issues – workplace safety, pay and conditions, workers’ compensation, keeping essential services and opposing privatisation.

Effectively we will need to call a referendum of our many thousands of members each and every time we want “…to influence a person’s opinion about a political matter”

This legislation is more draconian than anything Margaret Thatcher introduced in the United Kingdom and we can find nothing like it in the western world. These extreme new laws increase red tape and regulation and will cost vast amounts of money for the right to free speech in Queensland.

Yet the legislation leaves the LNP Government and corporate leaders free to do as they please, in fact the LNP Government has also relaxed disclosure rules for corporate donors, so their war chest remain hidden.

To learn more about these obscene laws and the LNPs latest attacks on workers and freedom of speech go to http://saveyoursay.org.au/

Also as a side one section of the new laws that only applies to Unions, state we are required to disclose credit card statements to the public. See documents area for details.

Officers wages

Also in a sign of good faith, while we are not required to do so because our wages are paid by the CEPU National Union here are the basic pay rates for our officers, we have also included for your information the proposed basic wages for LNP members of parliament.

State Secretary $131,000
Assistant State Secretary $125,900
Organisers $107K – $111K
LNP – State Government MPs basic
Premier $398,271
Deputy Premier $342,625
Minister $315,080
Speaker $284,501
Assistant Minister $229,500
Senior Government Whip $217,397
Deputy Government Whip $206,291
Committee chair $224,670
Committee member $206,291
MP (Back bencher) $194,630